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Saturdays’ front pages focus on a range of stories from Noel Long being convicted of the murder of Nora Sheehan in 1981 to a “call to arms” to avoid road deaths over the bank holiday weekend.

The Irish Times and The Echo both lead with the news that Convicted killer Noel Long (74) is set to spend the rest of his life in jail after his historic conviction on Friday for the murder of vulnerable Cork woman Nora Sheehan 42 years ago.

The Irish Examiner report the country has been issued with a “call to arms” to ensure this August Bank Holiday weekend does not add to 101 lives already lost on the roads this year.


In the UK, several of Saturday’s newspapers focus on personal finance, although no single story dominates the front pages.

Theleads with exclusive quotes from Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey who backs the Financial Conduct Authority’s action to ensure interest rate rises are passed appropriately to savers to ensure “fairness”.

The Financial Times says cuts in lending rates have raised hopes that mortgage levels have peaked, despite the Bank of England raising interest rates.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express says a watchdog’s decision may help hundreds of thousands of married pensioners to claw back pensions cash they have missed out on.

Away from household finances, The Daily Telegraph reports that children as young as seven in England will be able to get NHS treatment at a new gender identity service.

The plight of Afghan refugees in the UK is the focus of the front page of The Independent which says the Government is evicting thousands of people from hotels, leaving many homeless.

The Daily Mail says people smuggling gangs are making money not only by helping migrants to come to the UK, but by also by helping foreign criminals to flee.

The Guardian reports that its analysis has revealed investment funds doubled their stake in England’s childcare sector in four years, amid concerns that the situation could lead providers to be more vulnerable to closure.

The Daily Mirror has quotes from Lottery winner Lee Ryan, who spent his £6.5 million winnings but says he is happier than ever while working as a painter and decorator.

The Daily Star leads with a story about comedian Joe Pasquale who says he was injured when he tripped over some moose antlers which he used as a prop during a stage performance in Skegness.

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