More than 6 million unsafe vehicles likely on the roads in Canada despite recalls – National |

The federal government says some 6.6 million unsafe vehicles are likely on the road despite having unresolved safety recalls.

Transport Canada estimated in an analysis from June that one in five of the 33.3 million vehicles registered as of 2019 have outstanding recalls but continue to ply the streets and highways, potentially endangering occupants and other road users.

The department is proposing new rules that would require companies that issue a safety recall to quickly post related information on their website in order to boost awareness and fix the defect.

The amended regulations would also make car companies provide a lookup tool for vehicle inspection numbers on their websites to provide info on recalls.

Ian Jack, vice-president of public affairs at the Canadian Automobile Association, says only a minority of owners find out about recalls, especially if the car is second-hand with the new owner beyond the reach of the dealership.

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Jack notes that many recalls pertain to minor issues that are not urgent or life-threatening.

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