Shoaib Malik’s altered Instagram bio reignites divorce rumours with Sania Mirza

The alteration in the Instagram bio of former Pakistan cricket captain, Shoaib Malik, has once more ignited speculations regarding his relationship status with Indian tennis icon, Sania Mirza.

Over the past year, there have been rumors circulating about divorce between Malik and Mirza, as the couple has not shared any photos or videos of themselves together on social media for a significant period of time, which has raised concerns about the state of their relationship.

Previously, Malik’s bio proudly stated, “Husband to a superwoman @mirzasaniar,” giving an impression of their strong bond. However, the bio now reads, “Father to One True Blessing,” along with other personal information.



— Aiman Sohail (@aimansohaill) August 2, 2023


The change in Malik’s bio has raised eyebrows among fans and followers, leading to various rumors and conjectures about the status of his marriage with Sania Mirza.

 Social media users and the media have been quick to interpret this modification as a possible indication of a divorce or separation between the couple.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik tied the knot in April 2010 and welcomed their son, Izhaan, in October 2018.

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