Russian city rocked as ‘missiles’ strike museum, leaving 15 injured

A port city in Russia has been rocked by an explosion that has injured multiple people, according to local media and accounts on Telegram.

Up to 15 people were injured in a devastating blast in Taganrog, in the Rostov region, which is believed to have hit a museum and a cafe.

Russian news agency TASS cited Rostov Governor Vasily Golubev, who claimed the strike was “presumably” caused by a missile but led to no deaths.

Russia’s defense ministry claimed the attack was carried out with a S-200 air defense system

A column of smoke could be seen rising into the air in photos and videos taken at the scene.

The site of the explosion reportedly created rubble that more people may be stuck under, according to Nexta.

A wall of a museum, its roof, garages and outbuildings are among the structures completely devastated by the blast, striking images from the scene have revealed

A neighboring 3-storey apartment building also saw balconies ripped out and windows shattered.

Those injured reportedly received minor shrapnel wounds and one woman was taken to intensive care after losing significant amounts of blood, a source told Rostov News.

The governor said nine people taken to the hospital had their conditions assessed by doctors as moderate and mild.

Up to 60 rescuers using 17 pieces of equipment are reportedly working at the site of the explosion.

The Russian Defense Minsitry said in a statement: “The Kyiv regime carried out a terrorist attack with an anti-aircraft missile of the S-200 air defense system converted into a strike version on the residential infrastructure of the city of Taganrog.

“The Ukrainian missile was detected and intercepted in the air by Russian air defense systems. Fragments of a downed rocket fell on the territory of Taganrog.

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