RTD to vote on lowering fares for all destinations expect airport

DENVER (KDVR) — Tuesday, RTD will vote on a new proposal that could reduce fares starting in 2024.

If passed, the plan would not only reduce the cost of bus and train rides, but it would also level fares across all destinations, with the exception of the Denver International Airport.

“Public transportation is a means of garnering access and opportunity,” Debra Johnson, RTD’s general manager and CEO, said in a statement. “The operative word in what we do is ‘public,’ and RTD’s goal is to ensure all people within the region have access to transportation.”

Currently, RTD divides fares into zones. The new proposal would do away with that system.

If passed, this proposal would lower RTD fares for all locations except the airport. (Credit: RTD)

If the proposal passes, a local three-hour pass to travel around Denver and to nearby cities would drop from $3 to $2.75, and the day pass would drop from $6 to $5.50.

A three-hour and day pass to DIA would cost $10.

And the monthly pass — now at $114 for local zones and $200 for regional — would drop to $88.

The potential plan would also expand its discount program in an effort to help more people qualify. The discount fare includes adults older than 65, those with disabilities, Medicare recipients and those enrolled in LiVE.

If passed, the new fares would begin in January 2024.

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