New bridge opens TOMORROW after intensive road improvement effort

The National Highways project began road works to optimise traffic flow and enhance connectivity on the A1 between Birtley and Coal House.

Before the project, worries were mounting about the strain that would be put on the already busy road by nearby housing developments.

In addition to the new bridge, which will be accessible from Friday, September 1, both sides of the road will be widened.

In a strategic move aimed at optimising traffic flow and enhancing connectivity, a crucial milestone has been achieved at junction 67 at Coal House.

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Traffic heading northbound exiting the A1 at junction 67 will, from Friday, September 1, start using the new Allerdene bridge.

By moving the northbound exit slip road National Highways can continue construction and re-align the other lanes of the A1 onto the new Allerdene bridge.

A spokesperson from National Highways said: “We will be improving approximately four miles of the A1 between junctions 65 (Birtley) and 67 (Coal House).

“The existing road will be widened between the junctions to help manage traffic joining and leaving the A1. Northbound we’ll increase the number of lanes from two to three. Southbound we’ll increase the number of lanes from three to four.

“Junction 65, 66 and 67 will be modified to accommodate the additional lanes.

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“We also plan to replace Allerdene railway bridge, which carries the A1 over the east coast mainline railway. The current bridge was built nearly 40 years ago and requires regular maintenance which can cause disruption to traffic. We’ll build the new bridge just south of the existing bridge.”

Once completed, the road works will help to reduce congestion by increasing capacity for road users, improve the reliability of peoples’ journeys, reduce delays by increasing capacity of the road network, and make journeys safer by improving the standard and capacity of the road.

It will also help support economic growth by improving the road to the Newcastle and Tyneside area (Team Valley Employment Zone) and support the government’s initiative for growth in the north.

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