When York looked like this: 10 photos of York people and places in 1990

The Barbican centre was being built and we still had Russell’s cycle shop on the corner of Clifford Street.

Bentley’s restaurant stood at Tanner Row – anyone remember dining there?

Naburn Hospital was demolished in 1990 and a there was a children’s nursery at the University of York.

York Press: Barbican under construction in York in 1990Barbican under construction in York in 1990

Ambulance workers were on strike – and one of our photos shows a man holding placards in support of their cause.

Our photos today from the Press archives show other well-known areas and landmarks of our city, including the Foss Barrier 33 years ago.

Memory still foggy? Here’s what else was happening at that time:

* A poll showed Labour, under Neil Kinnock, with a 23-point lead over the Conservatives – but we all know that the Tories went on to win the election two years later

* Economists warned that house prices could fall by up to ten per cent through 1990

* The Official Secrets Act 1989 came into force

* The Duke and Duchess of York’s second daughter, Princess Eugenie, was born

* Some 200,000 people protested in London over the so-called Poll Tax Riots ahead of the introduction of the hugely unpopular Community Charge

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* Inflation stood at 9.4 per cent – the highest level for eight years

* Pound sterling joined the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM)

* On November 22, Margaret Thatcher announced her resignation as Prime Minister

* Channel Tunnel workers from the United Kingdom and France met 40 metres beneath the English Channel seabed as work on the ‘Chunnel’ continued

* With John Major as the new Tory PM, Conservatives claw back popularity to be just four points behind Labour in the polls

York Press: Naburn hospital demolished in 1990Naburn hospital demolished in 1990

How far did our money go? The average price of a house in 1990 was £57,901; a pint of milk was 25p; a loaf of bread 50p, and you could buy a pint or lager for less than £1.50. Average salaries were £13,760 compared to £29,588 today.

We’ll leave it to you to do the maths!

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