I’m a hot plus-sized babe – I wear fat insults as badge of honour and ignore haters

A PLUS-sized woman has told how she sees ‘fat’ insults as a badge of honour and refuses to give trolls any power over her.

London Riley Keller, a fashion influencer, enjoys showing off her stylish side and sharing top tips with other women.

London doesn't let trolls get her down


London doesn’t let trolls get her down
She doesn't see fat as being an insult


She doesn’t see fat as being an insult

But the downside is that some nasty people enjoy being petty and saying bad things about her body.

London says: “To me, the word ‘fat’ is nothing but a descriptor. 

“I am fat, I am chubby, I am overweight.

“And I am bulky and I am big boned.

I’m a plus-size model - trolls say I'm ‘too fat’ but I don't care
I’m fat shamed by guys because of my size - trolls say they don’t blame them

“But these are all descriptors, not insults.

“The goal is to think of ‘fat’ as neither a good or bad word, but as just a word. 

“I am fat in the same way I am a human being. 

“It is a part of who I am.

“That is something that I embrace and love.”

She adds: “I think it is extremely important that everybody should be able to feel safe and comfortable wearing what they want. 

“Fat people are sexy. Thin people are sexy.

“All bodies and all kinds of people are fantastic and valuable.”

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