Mum-of-three disgusted after claims £1K new couch arrives ripped

A MUM has been left “disgusted” after her new £1,000 couch was allegedly delivered almost two months late, and with rips, parts missing and the bottom hanging off.

Dolly Wallace had ordered her new sofa from Furnico Living back in April, with the hopes that it would be delivered to her home in Medway, Kent within a week.

However, despite paying four figures for the furniture, 29-year-old Dolly says she didn’t receive the sofa until the end of June.

Image shows the ripped stitching of the couch with no diamond
The couch arrived with diamonds missing and ripped stitches with torn fabric. Credit: Dolly Wallace

This was only the beginning of the issues for the mum-of-three, who claims she soon discovered that the couch was missing parts and had stitching ripped – as well as the bottom of the sofa being loose.

Dolly claims she discovered that several jewels from the sofa’s cushions were missing, and instead found rips and stitching torn out from where the missing jewels should have been.

As well as this, the bottom of the couch appeared to not be connected to the rest – meaning the family can’t sit down properly, at the risk of falling through the material.

As a result, Dolly says she has now been forced to use dining table chairs as the family’s seating arrangement, despite having contacted Furnico Living several times.

Dolly alleges however that the company have refused to engage in serious discussions about the problems and told her that any wear and tear must be “accidental”.

The mum took to social media to share her frustration with the company earlier this week, writing: “Do not order from Furnico Living.

“Absolutely disgusted in this company. since 4 June I’ve written several emails in regards to the issues I’ve had (pictures shown).

“Every time I’ve rang it has been carnage trying to get through to someone from complaints every time it’s ‘we’ve flagged your message’ or ‘if you don’t hear back by 3pm then ring back’.

“I’m sick of it, not even two months and it’s f***ed, I’m getting so annoyed considering I paid over £1,000.

“Do not use.”

Dolly Wallace
Dolly claims her couch came wtih the bottom unattached leaving her family using dining chairs. Credit: Dolly Wallace

Her post received dozens of likes from social media users who were quick to take Dolly’s side in her disbelief at the state of her new sofa.

Sasha Poultney said: “I’d take that further that’s ridiculous, it’s poor quality and as you say what a cheek.”

Nicole Skelly said: “Go to the ombudsman.”

Melissa Ann Duffell said: “That’s really bad babe, hope you get it sorted.”

Speaking today, Dolly said: “I originally ordered on the week of the 27 April and was told [delivery] two weeks then three weeks then four weeks and finally it was delivered on the 27 June.

“[Furnico] offered absolutely nothing, no communication unless I contacted them.

“I was told on the day that they deliver from 7am until 7pm and they didn’t deliver until 9pm and they literally left the boxes and couldn’t get out the door fast enough.

“They told me that because the couch was left with me, any damage must have been accidental, the sofa is still falling apart, I’m so down as I had a nice sofa and now have a rubbish one.

“I emailed a countless number of times and got one response asking if I circled and signed.

“We can’t sit on the sofa now as the bottom has come off, I don’t want to fall through so we’re sitting on the dining room chairs.

“I have three children at home and just want a nice couch to enjoy time together with my family.”

Furnico Living has been contacted for comment.

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