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It sounds like a riddle, but it is a perfectly unusual question and the answer might surprise you! If you have been assuming that because your insurance company offered you a policy, once they’d received your latest MOT certificate, they were then bound to honour any claims you make, you might be in for a surprise – an expensive one too! Let’s take a look. 

Are Your Tyres Fit for Purpose? 

If you received an advisory warning on your tyres at your MOT, a wily insurance broker might use this as a handy ‘excuse’ to deny your claim. While advisory claims are exactly that, and your car is considered to be in good enough condition to be safely used on the road, if it has been some time since the MOT certificate was issued without the tyres being attended to, then your insurer might – quite fairly – claim that your tyres were in a poor condition and should have been replaced or repaired in a more timely fashion. Given a choice between repair and replace, then replacement is usually considered the better option, so if you are looking for replacements, then we will recommend that you get your car tyres in Stevenage from EcoTyre Services. They have a wide variety of tyre options available at discounted rates. Check them out today! 

New to You, But Not Really New? 

Repaired or part-worn tyres can seem like a bargain when you are faced with the cost of a full set of four brand-new tyres, but this can be a false economy in some circumstances. Suppose if you are involved in an accident, and found to be responsible for it, your insurer will send an investigator to do their own research – and, as well as looking for any mitigating services on your part, he or she will also be looking for any excuse for the insurance company to deny your claim if they can find something that they can claim as an egregious fault on your part: such as having improper tyres, such as those which have been imported to the UK and are not compliant with UK law (which is – at present – still in step with EU law for the time being). 

So if you want to ensure that you and your car are as safe as possible while on the UK’s roads, make sure that you keep your car in strictly roadworthy condition at all time, and buy your tyres from a reputable, UK-based tyre supplier. 

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