Horrifying video shows Scots woman fiddle with man then lick finger

A HORRIFYING video shows the moment a Scots woman appears to fiddle with a man’s bum before sniffing her finger and tasting the remnants.

The shocking clip filmed yesterday in Aberdeen has left social media users stunned at the antics of the pair.

The duo were filmed from the window of a nearby tenement flat in the granite city which left the camerawoman stunned.

It is not clear why the woman was initially inspecting the man’s rectum but the duo both taste the discovery.

The video begins showing a man and woman in the city’s Holburn Street loitering next to a bin on the street.

The disgusting moment that the woman puts her finger in the mans mouth. (C) Deadline News.

The woman stands behind the man who is stood against the black bin as his female friend holds one of her hands at his stomach.

The woman continues to explore the back of the man hidden out of sight by his chest before he reaches back and pushes her shoulder.

Two woman can be heard off-camera discussing the incident, saying: “Is she fingering his bum hole?”

The second woman replies: “Yup, she’s fingering his a**e.”

The unknown woman is dressed in a black jumper, black bomber jacket and Emporio Armani leggings and white trainers.

Her male partner is dressed all in black sporting an Adidas cap and jumper alongside his cargo trousers and appears to struggle to stand up straight, leaning on a bin.

The woman stops her inspection and quickly walks to face her partner before sniffing her finger which appears to have been inside the man’s bum.

Incredibly, the woman then proceeds to place her index finger in her mouth before repeatedly sucking.

She then offers the man her finger as he opens his mouth, she inserts the finger and he has a taste of the finger.

The duo filming can be heard recoiling in horror, saying: “Ewww he’s eating it.

“No f*****g way, no way.”

The pair then embrace on the pavement outside the flats before sharing several quick kisses as the video comes to an abrupt end.

The video has amassed thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from shocked users on social media, many unable to believe the disgusting nature of what they witnessed.

One said: “Never and I mean EVER going back to Aberdeen.”

Another commented: “This is one of the many reasons I need to move.”

A third replied: “He’s getting a pokey and I canny even get a text back.”

Another retorted: “Who said romance is dead?”

Aberdeen is known as the granite city due to the large number of buildings which have been built from the ingenious rock.

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