Here is a rare glimpse inside a NYC brothel

Shocking photos obtained by The Post reveal a rare glimpse of the depravity inside an alleged brothel along the notorious “Market of Sweethearts” in Corona, Queens.

Condom-covered beds separated by peach and white privacy curtains reminiscent of emergency-room cubicles line a dark corridor aglow in a seedy red light.

The snaps and videos were shared by Roosevelt Avenue landlord Inchul Chang.

Chang has been documenting the activity in his buildings for months after trying to evict an alleged madam he says runs the operation — and who sued and got a judge’s order to allow her to stay in the joint, court documents show.

In one of the videos, he even catches an alleged prostitute mid-coitus with a man on a small bed in a tiny, dimly lit stall — interrupting them during the deed. The embarrassed pair is seen scrambling for cover.

“You can’t have a neighborhood like that,” Chang said. “It’s a very busy neighborhood and it’s just inundated with these people. They’re everywhere. It’s incredible.”

A plastic nightstand filled with condoms
A plastic nightstand filled with condoms

condom covered bed
Flimsy curtains separate the beds.

Photos show beds covered in condoms, along with dressers stocked with mouthwash.

“I’m stuck with these people and I have all the evidence in the world [and] I can’t evict them,” said Chang. He said he has called cops who have not yet probed the business.

“I just know that I have to get them out,” he added. “One way or the other, they have to go, otherwise, the whole building dies.”

Condoms on a bed inside of the Corona, Queens brothel.
Condoms on a bed inside of the Corona, Queens brothel.

Trash on the floor of the brothel including a used condom.
Trash on the floor of the brothel including a used condom.

Chang is not the only one complaining about the brazen prostitution operating in broad daylight in Corona, Queens residents, business owners, and politicians told The Post last week that they were fed up with sex workers taking over their neighborhood and soliciting men in front of passing children.

After the expose, Mayor Adams took a late-night tour of Roosevelt Avenue and promised action.

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