Heart-stopping video shows man being swept away in raging waterfall

A raging waterfall swept away a man while a friend took video footage of him standing on a rock at the water’s edge in India on Sunday.

The heart-stopping footage showed the man, identified as Sharath Kumar, 23, slipping off the rock at the Arasinagundi waterfalls into the Sowparnika River, according to The Times of India.

His body had not been located, but authorities believe he drowned in the fast-moving rough current.

The rock where the ill-advised photo shoot took place was not a typical viewing point for tourists, according to the outlet.

It was speculated that Kumar risked posing in the treacherous location to produce a more spectacular clip for social media.

“Rocks in waterfalls are full of moss and slippery. Never go to the edge. Life is worth more than insta likes,” one man tweeted.

The waterfall is located in the Udupi district of the Karnataka state, which had been slammed by heavy rain in recent days amid an active southwest monsoon, causing flooding that caused evacuations in some areas, according to Times Now News.

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