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Thanks to the success of Game of Thrones – George RR Martin Reveals His Deal With HBO Was Suspended Over Writers Strike83% between critics and audiences George R. R. Martin it became one of the most important elements for HBO. It is true that the company did not take it so much into account to develop the last seasons of this series, but that changed with the adaptation of the house of the dragon George RR Martin Reveals His Deal With HBO Was Suspended Over Writers Strike91% which was also very well received and in which he had more decision-making power. In this way, and with several scheduled spin-offs, the alliance between the producer and the author is one of the most important in the medium…or was, since Martin has announced that his deal is suspended until further notice due to the writers’ strike in Hollywood.

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As an author, Martin is a figure that greatly divides the public. For starters, he already had many fans of his novels long before it was released. GoT, so they applauded the fame he gained thanks to the premiere and popularity of the series. However, readers have been waiting for news about the latest books for too many years, and their constant delays were the cause of the last seasons of the series not being so good, since there was no material to guide the showrunners who also did not know how to solve the problem.

When the prequel was given the green light, his fans kept the conflict alive, because although it was exciting to return to this fantasy world, it also meant that the writer would be delayed once again by his commitments with the production company. It was impossible that the house of the dragon It will generate a similar impact as its predecessor, but it definitely proved that there are other stories worth telling and that fans are committed to the idea. Confirming this, HBO gave the green light to other projects that have now been left in limbo due to the long-standing writers’ strike.

As a writer and screenwriter who knows well how that division works in the bowels of production companies, Martin is one of the strongest voices in the strike, and he was one of the first to make it clear to the public that this fight has nothing to do with the names of millionaires who dominate Hollywood, but rather with those creatives who are unfairly exploited for long periods of time only to be discarded without further ado. The author has revealed how badly the writers’ rooms were managed, because instead of working together, the production company divided them to save costs, something that explains why many series come to feel disconnected or contradictory.

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In the same way, the writer recognizes that he can live comfortably thanks to the profits from his novels and the adaptations of his work, but the strike seeks to help those writers who dedicate their lives to the medium and cannot even pay the mortgage on their houses, while the producers fill their pockets with millions of dollars thanks to the fact that their series are highly viewed and win important prizes. For Martin, the fight is very necessary, but it definitely has bittersweet undertones for what it means for his own work and the world of film and television.

On his official blog, George R.R.Martin He explained that, for now, his alliance with HBO is suspended despite the fact that the filming of the second season of the house of the dragon It can be carried out without problems because it is working in the United Kingdom, where the contracts of the cast are also not affected by the Hollywood actors’ strike:

(…) my general deal with HBO was suspended on June 1st. Of course, I still have a lot to do. In that I am one of the lucky ones. (These strikes aren’t really for big-name writers, producers, or showrunners, most of whom are fine; we’re striking for the entry-level writers, the story editors, the student hoping to get in, the actor who has four lines, the guy working his first staff job who dreams of creating his own series one day, like I did in the ’80s.)

As a member of the Writers Union for years, Martin has personally experienced other strikes, but this strikes him as the most relevant so far:

I joined the WGA in 1986 and have been through several strikes with them. We made progress on all of them, but some issues are more important than others… and this year’s strike is the most important of my life. An unnamed producer was quoted last week as saying that AMPTP’s strategy was to hold their ground until writers start losing their houses and apartments, which gives you an idea of ​​what we’re up against.

No one can be sure where we’ll go from here, but I have a bad feeling this strike is going to be long and bitter. It may be as bad as the infamous 1985 strike, though I hope not.

Now that he can’t focus on his series, the author confirms that he is working on Winds of Winterand is also editing two new installments of his saga WildCards.

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