Fringe act who denied ‘tearful Tweet’ was stunt slammed after 2022 post resurfaces

AN actress who drew a sellout crowd at the Fringe — 24 hours after crying online because only one person watched her first show – made a similar weepy appeal last year.

Stars – including comic Jason Manford – came to Georgie Grier’s aid when her one-woman play’s opening performance was shunned at the Edinburgh Festival.

Georgi's post went viral and was supported by celeb comedians


Georgi’s post went viral and was supported by celeb comedians
But some have pointed out a similar Tweet was shared last year


But some have pointed out a similar Tweet was shared last year

The performer denied it was a publicity stunt after she posted a picture of herself crying on Thursday and wrote: “There was one person in my audience today. It’s fine isn’t it? It’s fine … ?”

But just days after the performer denied her post was a publicity stunt, a similar post emerged from last year, with some claiming she is a “chancer”.

On August 15, 2022, she published a picture of a flyer for her show ‘Sunsets’ claiming only her mum and dad turned up.

She said: “Just had a cry because the only people who turned up to my first show were my parents.

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“But when I had said cry in the bathroom, some other lovely Fringe performers gave me words of encouragement. And I guess two people is better than none? #EdinburghFringe.”

Some Twitter users commented after seeing the similar Tweet from last August.

One said: “Maybe next year you call your play ‘Chancer’? Or maybe even don’t bother at all, since you cry about no crowd every year

“That is almost an unbelievable sequence of bad luck. Almost.”

Another added: “Is the ‘cry’ part of the performance?”

But others shared their support. One user said: “You’re going to get a lot of hate for this but I think your bloody brilliant, an absolute star, and evidently a fantastic actress.”

While another replied: “99% of the world population have never put on a show dear. You’re one of the special ones.”

Following the Tweet about the bad start to this year’s string of performances of her show ‘Sunsets’ at the Gilded Balloon Mock The Week star Dara Ó Briain consoled her with a reply saying: “We’ve all done it.

“Soon you’ll dine out on this anecdote.

“More than once I had to buy my audience a drink as a thank-you for being the only ones there.”

And comedian Jason Manford said in a video message: “It’s absolutely normal for one person to rock up to your show — and also to be a bit upset about it. Tomorrow will be better and next week will be better. Just enjoy yourself if you can.”

Georgie beamed when her second Fringe performance of ‘Sunsets’ was cheered by a packed audience on Friday.

But she later denied the post was for publicity. She said: “I just wanted someone to vent to who wasn’t my mum. In that moment I had tears in my eyes, I wasn’t thinking any further than needing a bit of a release and not having to bother my mum, my dad and my sister.”

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She says her show – which is due to run until August 27 – is about “romantic comedies” and is set during a live podcast recording.

Georgie was contacted for comment after last year’s post came to light.

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