Carol Kirkwood Was Truly Living Her Best Life During BBC Breakfast’s Puppy Invasion

BBC Breakfast’s Carol Kirkwood gets all the best assignments.

Rather than being cooped up in a studio like the show’s main presenters, the weather presenter gets to tour the UK and present her segments from a wide variety of locations.

On Wednesday, she hit the jackpot when she was sent to a guide dog puppy centre in Leamington Spa.

Carol was given a very enthusiastic welcome from the very (very) cute nine-week-old pups.

As she attempted to speak to Sally Nugent in the studio, three future guide dogs climbed all over Carol, nibbling at her mic and prodding with her hair.

She told Sally and viewers at home: “We’re in for a treat because they’re absolutely adorable as you can see and they’re so playful as well.

’They’ve [the puppies] been woken up early this morning just for us, with a lovely start to the day for them too.”

Turning to one of the pooches attempting to chow down on her microphone mic wire, she added: “Come on you little scamp… whoops. Get off my mic, you little monkey!”

The weather presenter found herself under in a puppy pile-up
The weather presenter found herself under in a puppy pile-up

Carol’s run-ins with four-legged friends don’t always go smoothly, though.

Earlier this month, she was presenting from Wimbledon, where she was joined by one of the tennis tournament’s search dogs.

Unfortunately, something caught dog Ray’s eye during the live segment and Carol was chaotically dragged along the floor. Ouch.

Wednesday’s guide dogs experience wasn’t her first either – but let’s just say the last one didn’t go too well.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One and BBC News.

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