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The writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood has already caused a very specific downturn in the industry by pausing hundreds of active productions and delaying the releases of several highly anticipated titles. Audiences lament these issues, but sometimes have a hard time understanding exactly what these artists are fighting for. That is why big names in show business have come forward to explain to audiences the importance of their fight. Meanwhile, the big producers are looking to turn the conversation around as Bob Igerwho assured that the requests were unreal, something to which bryan cranston he just responded with a powerful speech about the dignity of his work.

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It has been known for months that the actors’ strike was a real possibility and it is that the scriptwriters took that first step when the production companies decided to ignore their demands for better salaries, better treatment, better organization for the creation of writers’ rooms and real control of the Artificial Intelligence applications that large companies want to use as an immediate resource to save money. The public complains because it assures that Hollywood has not offered original proposals for years, but that is precisely why they fight, since the companies focus on franchises and do not allow the growth of other artists.

The directors’ union managed to reach a fair deal, but the actors knew that they had to prepare because the demands of the producers were quite unfair and they did not intend to give in. In their case, they are fighting for better salaries, a better organization for casting, realistic conditions for all members to have access to health insurance, an increase in residuals due to the growth of streaming services, and control of Artificial Intelligence applications and technology that could use their image without giving them any kind of financial compensation.

Many viewers claim that the lawsuit is quite selfish because the actors are rich, but the truth is that most of them are not, and many members cannot access health care or pay a mortgage despite working on many projects at the same time. Similarly, the fame of certain titles does not ensure good pay for the cast, especially in streaming series, where they are given a salary for filming, which usually prevents them from being in other productions, but they are not compensated for the number of times the content is played around the world.

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Given this, several renowned celebrities have decided to raise their voices to clarify the complicated panorama that most of the members of SAG-AFTRA are experiencing, and the risks that artificial intelligence applications can generate in the world of entertainment. Mark Ruffalo He has already stated that it is a good opportunity to move away from million-dollar companies and get closer to independent productions, while Fran Drescherpresident of the union, responded harshly to Bob IgerDisney CEO who long ago declared that the strike was unfortunate and would lead to the unfair loss of work in other areas, in addition to the fact that the actors had no real expectations about the business.

Is now bryan cranston who raises his voice to respond to the millionaire executive, and does so with a speech that is already being praised by his colleagues. According to Varietythe actor of Breaking Bad- Bryan Cranston Responds To Bob Iger With Powerful Speech At Actors Strike81% stated during the Rock the City for a Fair Contract demonstration:

We have a message for Mr. Iger. I know, sir, that you look at things through a different lens. We don’t expect him to understand who we are. But we ask him to listen to us, and beyond that, that he listen to us when we tell him that they are not going to take our jobs and give them to the robots. We will not allow them to take away our right to work and earn a decent living. And lastly, and most importantly, we will not allow our dignity to be taken away! We are union from beginning to end, until the end!

to the actor of Your Honor – 33% He recognized that his work no longer follows the same line as a decade ago and that the industry needs to evolve in all directions:

Our industry has changed exponentially. We are not in the same business model that we had 10 years ago. And yet, even though they admit that this is the truth in today’s economy, they are fighting tooth and nail to keep us attached to the same old-fashioned, outdated economic system! They want us to go back in time. We cannot and we will not.

The producers hope that the writers and actors will enter an economic crisis so that they will give up their obsolete contracts, so these associations ask that everyone donate something to stay in the fight and to be able to demand from the companies that try to give the speech that the pandemic and the global economic system do not allow them to be paid better despite the fact that they are part of the list of the richest men on the planet.

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