Are we not alone? Key takeaways from UFO hearings as bombshell claims emerge

Caption: July 26: Congressional committee on UFOs - live hearing

People were allegedly ‘harmed’ to hide proof of alien life (Picture: Getty)

It was a day that science fiction fans had been waiting for for decades.

At a public hearing yesterday, former intelligence officer David Charles Grusch claimed that the US government was hiding evidence of ‘non-human intelligence’.

Essentially, Mr Grusch and other witnesses claimed that aliens do exist.

While explosive claims have been made, here are the key takeaways from the hearing:

An elaborate cover-up underway

Mr Grusch said the US was likely aware of ‘non-human’ activity since the 1930s.

The former Department of Defence analyst said that in the course of his official duties he was informed of a ‘multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering programme’.

However, he added that he was denied access to additional information on the subject, alleging that the US government was ‘operating with secrecy with regards to UAPs’.

Mr Grusch, who led the analysis of unexplained anomalous phenomena (UAP) within a US Department of Defense agency until 2023, alleged he had faced ‘very brutal’ retaliation as a result of his allegations.

People ‘harmed’ to hide proof of alien life

In June, Mr Grusch spoke to the Debrief, arguing that authorities were hiding ‘intact and partially intact’ alien vehicles, and evidence of them was being illegally withheld from Congress.

He added that when he turned over classified information about the vehicles to Congress, he suffered retaliation from officials, and is currently part of an active whistleblower investigation.

When asked by Representative Tim Burchett at yesterday’s hearing whether anyone had been harmed or injured in an attempt to cover-up details of the findings, Mr Grusch replied: ‘Yes. Personally.’

Mr Burchett continued, asking if he was aware of anyone who had been murdered in an attempt to keep the information concealed.

‘I have to be careful asking that question,’ said Mr Grusch. ‘I directed people with that knowledge to the appropriate authorities.’

More than one witness claims to have seen UFOs

Yesterday’s hearing included testimony from other witnesses including a former navy commander David Fravor who claimed seeing a strange object in the sky while on a training mission in 2004.

Additionally, Ryan Graves, a retired navy pilot and the founder of Americans for Safe Aerospace, a UAP non-profit, claimed that he saw a UAP off the Atlantic coast ‘every day for at least a couple years’.

The US denies cover-up claims

The US Pentagon reiterated their denial of Mr Grusch’s claims of a cover-up.

In a statement, a defence department spokesperson said investigators had not discovered ‘any verifiable information to substantiate claims that any programs regarding the possession or reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial materials have existed in the past or exist currently’.

More questions than answers

While yesterday’s hearing reignited the conversation around UFOs, there was no conclusive proof to support the claims.

Mr Grusch also appeared reluctant to repeat certain claims he had previously made to the media. For example, he did not elaborate on claims from his interview with NewsNation in June, where he said the government had ‘very large, like a football-field kind of size’ alien craft.

He also did not go over was he told Le Parisien, a French newspaper, that the US had possession of a ‘bell-like craft’ which Benito Mussolini’s government had recovered in northern Italy in 1933.

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