Air hostess criticised for invading MS Dhoni’s privacy as he naps mid-flight

Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Twitter/@ChakriDhoni17
Former India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Twitter/@ChakriDhoni17

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former Indian captain, usually lives a private and low-profile life, as people hardly get to see him, particularly during media engagements.

The cricket star even hardly appears on shows or podcasts, and due to this, his fans mostly miss seeing him, especially since his retirement, the former India skipper has gotten much more laid back.

However, as soon as fans get to see his glimpses online, the videos and photos where he is seen go viral.

In one such recent viral video featuring Dhoni travelling in economy class, an air hostess can be seen offering him chocolates.

The video has garnered tremendous traction and love on social media. But another video, also captured by an air hostess, has shown Dhoni taking a peaceful nap while his wife, Sakshi, uses her mobile phone.

This video, too, went viral, but it received immense criticism from fans who felt that the airline’s crew member intruded on the husband and wife’s privacy.

While Dhoni’s fan love spotting their favourite in videos, there was a consensus among netizens about respecting the privacy of celebrities and public figures like him. It was emphasised that intruding on someone’s personal space should be avoided.

It was highlighted that the cricketer’s private life should be respected, and fans must avoid videotaping him without permission merely out of excitement and curiosity.

— Screengrab of tweets calling out the air hostess who videotaped MS Dhoni
— Screengrab of tweets calling out the air hostess who videotaped MS Dhoni

Earlier this year, Dhoni led the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) to their record-equalling fifth Indian Premier League (IPL) win, even though the cricketer was dealing with a knee issue. In June, Dhoni had reportedly undergone successful surgery on his left knee in a Mumbai hospital.

After the latest IPL victory, the Chennai captain flew to Mumbai from Ahmedabad to consult a sports orthopedic surgeon. Later, his wife, Sakshi Dhoni, updated about his fitness in another viral video at a movie screening, informing fans that the cricketer was undergoing rehabilitation and recovering well.

His future participation in IPL’s future seasons is uncertain, as his decision to participate in the league is yet to be confirmed. Dhoni retired from international cricket in August 2020.

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