‘X’ sign atop Twitter HQ in SF taken down after city, residents complain

SAN FRANCISCO — The large and bright ‘X’ logo that sat on top of the San Francisco headquarters of the company formerly known as Twitter has now been taken down.

ABC7 went to the building Monday morning and the sign is no longer up. Crews were also working on the vertical sign along the side of the building.

The sign was installed Friday, and lasted three days before coming down. The city of San Francisco said that they were opening an investigation and complaint into permit requirements for the sign.

Residents in the area were also not pleased, as the sign pulsated light, illuminating the surrounding buildings.

This is a developing news story, the text below is from a previous report.

VIDEO: Bright ‘X’ sign at Twitter HQ shines into apartments, angers residents

Elon Musk has angered some living near Twitter, or X headquarters. Friday night the company unveiled their new X logo on top of the building by turning the lights of that X on. In the process, those lights beamed right into nearby apartments.

Videos posted to social media show the pulsating X light which has become the talk of San Francisco’s Mid-Market neighborhood.

“It is pretty annoying from my perspective,” said Jessica Xu who lives across the street.

The X, which sits atop Twitter headquarters, signifies Twitters rebrand and name change to X. The light was said to be off Saturday night, but was on Friday night and some residents from the buildings across the street were not so happy about it.

VIDEO: ‘X’ logo installed atop Twitter building, spurring San Francisco to investigate permit violation

“I think it’s way too bright! It was flashing directly into my apartment and just lit up my entire place,” said Xu.

“Too bright yeah. I would say too bright,” said Viet Huynh who lives across the street.

“From below, we were walking our dog and saw it and were like, oh wow what a spectacle and then we get upstairs and we see like the ramifications of it and it is so bright and ridiculous,” said Jennifer Freeman.

Twitter, or X’s Elon Musk posted video showing the X all lit up.

City officials say they’ve opened an investigation into the sign saying, “A building permit is required to make sure the sign is structurally sound and installed safely. Planning review and approval is also necessary for the installation of this sign. The City is opening a complaint and initiating an investigation.”

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Sunday, the Twitter letters were completely removed from the sign, leaving just the X.

Tech analyst Rob Enderle of the Enderle Group says the change doesn’t do any good for the social media platform.

“This is probably one of the worst times to do a brand change, a name change because they were having trouble retaining customers, and whenever you change the identity of a company you’re going to lose a certain amount of customers as a result of the name change,” said Enderle.

But Musk and X have their strong supporters even with this bright light.

“He’s playing chess with City Hall. I love what he’s doing. I think it’s great, like I said he’s a showman, he’s going to turn the light down at night, it’s going to be very subtle but everybody is talking San Francisco now. I love that!” said Dee Dee Damn.

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And while some say yes the light was bright Friday, they’re just dealing with it.

“I got curtains, I got blackout curtains,” said CJ Randolph.

For those that don’t have the blackout curtains –

“We were in the living room and we could see it flashing from the bedroom and I was like, what is that and I was like, oh no it’s that big X we saw outside,” said Freeman.

Yes, the gig X, the one that everyone seemed to be taking pictures of on Sunday, wondering what will come next.

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